Julie Zuckerberg’s Work-Life Balance

Julie Zuckerberg is the Deutsche Bank’s executive recruiter. She works in the position to help the company find the best people for the jobs that they have. This has given her a chance to make the right decisions for the company and has allowed her the ability to come up with strategies that she can use to help make the company better than what it was in the past. She is committed to the banking industry and remains even more loyal to the Deutsche Bank. This has all helped her to advance her career and make things better for herself when she is in different situations.


Since she is based out of New York City, Julie Zuckerberg enjoys exploring the city. She is always looking for something new and exciting to find. As an experienced runner, she often finds these treasures in the city while she is running. On the weekends, Julie Zuckerberg tries to find art galleries or photography displays where she can admire other artists handiwork. She considers herself an amateur artist and even does some photography when she is not working or working out. While her life is very busy, she still tries to find time to slow down and enjoy the hobbies that she has.


Before Julie made the choice to work with the Deutsche Bank, she was working for the New York Life Insurance Company. This was a huge change from the banking industry that she was accustomed to and something that ended up not working out because she felt like she could perform better while working for a bank. For her, the insurance company was a learning experience and something that she needed to be able to do to get everything that she wanted out of her career in the different situations that she was a part of.


Despite the fact that Julie wanted to try something more, she was really pleased with her career as a recruiter at different banking institutions. She knew the right way to approach recruits, how to look for the perfect qualities and even how to make sure that they were able to integrate easily with the rest of the company. This helped Julie to become even more professional and gave her a chance to truly experience the best part about being a recruiter. She works hard but she also enjoys her time off and does a lot of things when she is not working.


When Julie Zuckerberg was still in college, she wasn’t completely sure what she wanted to do with her life. She knew that she wanted to make a difference and have a big impact on an even bigger company. After interning with Hudson while she was in school, she knew that recruiting would be a perfect career. She finished her education and took a position with Hudson. This helped her to launch her career and really learn the basics about recruiting in the different industries that Hudson was a major part of throughout New York City.


Malini Saba’s Amazing World Changes

Malini Saba has made a name for herself by unselfishly helping as many women and children who are at risk as she possibly can. She began this endeavor when she realized how many women there were all across the world that were underserved. She works incredibly hard to make a difference for these women and children. She provides them with proper care for their health, the chance to get a good education and somewhere to live where they can feel safe. She wants to give them a chance for a good future.


Saba has stated that to her success means the ability to pursue what she loves to do. This accomplishment makes her smile and keeps her happy. She says this happiness is the truest form of success there is, and it came to her simply by following her heart and being able to make a difference.


Saba loves having her daughter with her. She says that she is her greatest success of all. It was due to her daughter she managed to go full circle.


Saba’s philosophy is you cannot change anything that has happened in the past. What you must do is learn everything you can from what has happened in both your personal and business lives. She feels at least some people have realized that money or fame do not mean happiness.


Saba thinks challenges need to be met or we cannot achieve the changes we are looking for. We must deal with the challenges presented by governments and countries who are still in the developmental stages in order to achieve these changes. Saba says we must never forget the importance of giving women and children in need better quality water, homes that are actually secure and laws that have the ability to properly protect them.


Saba keeps her private life separated from her business life. She refuses to define who she is by her work. Difficulties in her private life are based on a learning curve and business is defined by the bottom line. With her experience and clear perceptions in life, this amazing woman is making changes that will make a difference in this world.

Malini Saba Empowers Women Daily; How She Is Continuously Improving the World

Aesop once said, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” When I hear this quote, I immediately think of one of the most powerful women in the world, Malini Saba. Born in Southern Asia, Saba was quick to demonstrate her edgy yet kind attitude. Upon receiving her education and the necessary training, this compassionate soul began tackling the world. Literally, she has been all over the world and has made a difference in each portion.


When people are prompted with the question of describing Saba, they immediately make note of her goal to fight corruption in the business and investment industries. She is unafraid to take risks, an attribute that undoubtedly matters, specifically for women in a male-dominated world. This business woman has fought against all odds since the 1990s and regularly states that she is not ready to rest in the near future.


Personally, I believe that Saba has made an impact on this world already. In addition to her collaboration with well-known moguls, including Paypal, Sycamore Networks, and Netscreen, this serial businesswoman has plenty of investments and businesses of her own. From rice fields and energy plants to real estate investments and ownerships, Saba is a woman of many trades and has knowledge of a vast amount of industries.


Perhaps the most enticing quality of this woman is her philanthropy. Aside from using her affluence to donate and improve a multitude of charities and organizations, she also has developed her own. The Stree: Global Investment in Women, which empowers poor women to become something and shows them the necessary process to achieve success, is her most notable charity. Even in her daily life, Saba is investing her efforts in improving the world by raising her child to be as stellar as she is.


Regardless of how busy she may be with her business affairs, her daughter is always in school on time. Additionally, Saba guarantees that her kid will be successful in whichever manner she chooses by demonstrating to her the power of women. By being readily available to her child, Saba is producing a worthy member of society at a young age, which further emphasizes just how admirable of a woman Malini Saba really is.


Helane Morrison And Her Assertiveness In Improving Business Ethics

If there is one thing that I think is lacking in business, it is ethics. A lot of businesses have been involved in unethical handling of transactions from what I have seen. The customers have been the victims of such actions. A lot of underhanded crookedness has been revealed during the 2008 economic crisis which has resulted in people like me losing trust in financial institutions among other institutions. Compliance officers like Helane Morrison were one of those that have fought really hard to get the businesses to comply to better standards of ethics so that customers will be better served. Helane Morrison was someone that was really confident in pushing forward when it comes to tackling this issue when others were unsure about how to move forward. I personally admire her confidence.

One thing that Morrison has used as her philosophy is that business make sure that they make all of their transactions for their customers from an ethical and fair method. If businesses are caught handling their affairs in an unethical manner, then Morrison and her staff of enforcers are going to deal with them in an appropriate manner. The forms of action that are taken against the company may include different forms of correction which include criminal charges.

Morrison has worked at plenty of different law firms which included SEC. She has also learned from a few mentors that helped shaped her as the formidable force that she is in this day and age. Among the people she has learned from is Harry A. Blackmun. He has fought for social issues as well. Among the issues he has fought for were the rights of women. He has received a lot of threats during his career as well. Seeing all that Harry Blackmun has gone throughout his career has helped her prepare for what she might have to face when standing up for people that are at a disadvantage.