Eco-Safe Travel For The Environmentally Conscious

Today’s world is incredibly eco-conscious, and it’s affecting every aspect of our decision making, from where we shop locally, to where we travel for our vacations. It’s so hard to determine where we can responsibly travel, even if we take into account that most long-distance travel options aren’t exactly eco-friendly. But sometimes those considerations can be compensated by the greater good, and we’re going to help you look into a few locations that will definitely help you plan the perfect vacation with a clean conscience.


Samoa – Support Human Rights and Environmental Justice

Samoa isn’t just a verdant tropical paradise, it’s also a hotbed of environmental justice and growing human rights movements. The UN recognised this country for the work it’s done and gave $1 million in support for a project focused on sustainability and biodiversity goals. Climate change and desertification were problems faced by this region, and the only way to avert it is to focus on disaster resilience. Definitely, a place you can travel with a clean conscience.


Vanuatu – A Developing Vacation Spot Making Strides

Vanuatu is on its way to becoming the new Hawaii, and those strides are happening fast. We have to show them some respect for being aware of the threats this places not just on their local biodiversity, but on the native tribes that still inhabit many of the outer islands. An interesting blend of modern culture and ancient tradition, they’ve begun taking strides to farm Tilapia and restore its coral reefs through coral farming.


Palau – A Mecca For Renewable Energy

Palau is taking quick strides to maintain the quality of its country, starting by subsidising citizens to incorporate features in their homes that are energy-efficient. No wonder this destination is referred to as an “Environmental Star”!


Sometimes these locations get outside help as well from organisations like Wildark. Wildark works every year to help maintain biodiversity and help to maintain the world’s wild spaces. This group was formed by a collection of conservationists who were passionate about preserving the world for future generations, and are always looking for new ways they can create effective change in the world.