How Cotemar’s Business Model, Hiring Strategies, and Compliance with Legal Framework have contributed to its International Recognition

As one of the largest economies globally, Mexico’s unexplored opportunities range from oil and energy to maritime services. Numerous employment opportunities are also available in these sectors. Cotemar was established as an oil and gas company targeting the energy sector in Mexico. Cotemar has been on the verge to serve customers with offshore maintenance, petroleum services, and maritime services.


Over the last three decades, Cotemar expanded its service portfolio to cater for clients seeking specialized ships for transportation and offshore construction solutions. The firm has also earned positive reputation in Mexico’s petroleum industry for its world-class services. Media outlets such as CNN have listed Cotemar as one of the companies that is revolutionizing Mexico’s petroleum industry.


Mission Statement and Business Model


Since Cotemar was established in 1979, the company’s mission has been to be the leader in the provision of high-profile solutions in the energy sector. The firm’s business model is aligned with clients’ diverse demands. Cotemar’s operations are also targeted at facilitating smooth product and service acquisitions in the petroleum industry.


Cotemar’s business model integrates indicators with advanced process equipment to achieve high-level service standards. This model also enables the firm to diversify into other services such as engineering, construction, maintenance, and modernization. In addition to these services, Cotemar also specializes in lodging and catering services.


Hiring Strategies


Besides the high-performance business model, Cotemar adopts an effective talent acquisition strategy when hiring staff. This strategy enables the firm to attract and hire proficient individuals to serve in diverse capacities. It ensures that newly hired staff enroll in a comprehensive training and development program to equip them with knowledge on latest technologies.


Cotemar has also partnered with renowned players in the oil and gas sector with an objective of recruiting new talent. This partnership has enabled Cotemar to benefit from the expertise of competent staff by serving clients diligently. High-performing workers are usually rewarded while low performers are recommended for training. This initiative enables Cotemar’s employees to contribute to the success of the institution’s goals and objectives.


Compliance with National and International Codes


The firm managed to comply with sustainability standards for operation in Mexico and was accredited with an ISO certification for sustainable services. Cotemar’s maritime services are usually offered to customers in accordance with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Code for the Protection of Ships and Port Facilities. The company’s procurement and supply management solutions reach clients through the Institute Supply Management.


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