Copa Star, THE Five Star Hospital in Rio de Janeiro

On October 2016, in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro’s most spirited district, a state-of-the-art health facility opened its doors: Copa Star Hospital.

Equipped with the latest technology such as robotic medicine, smart operating rooms, hybrid rooms (just to name a few), highly qualified professionals, innovative techniques, luxurious atmosphere and services like mattresses that adapt to the body, patient controlled environment for lighting, curtains, and air flow, and splendid menus, makes it the perfect Medical Institution for those who want the best services, and where patients and professionals can feel at ease.

The distinctive sterile hospital atmosphere, where harsh fluorescent lights and ether smell dominate our senses, is replaced by natural light coming through the glass ceiling and woody and citrus aromas that spread throughout the surrounding areas, transforming it into a calming, less stressful ambiance. Read more at about Copa Star.

With a 10,000 m² construction footprint on seven floors, and an investment of R$400 million, Copa Star Hospital, one of Brazil’s most modern medical facilities, is served by around 500 professionals of which 113 are doctors. It also features an elegant infrastructure with 155 patient suites, 59 Intensive Care Units (ICU) rooms and 9 operating rooms.

The premium medical facility offers concierge service, tastefully decorated areas featuring large, comfortable sofas, works of fine art throughout the main lobby and a grand piano on display. A gourmet restaurant with a menu designed by a world renowned chef, screens transmitting live footage of the nearby streets and the Copacabana beach. A provided iPad makes interaction with the medical staff possible, through an app specifically developed for the hospital, which permits video conferencing with the doctors, the ability to receive test results or call the nurse when needed.

But alongside the luxurious, environment, experienced qualified professionals will provide patients with the highest level of personalized care.

The five-star-hospital has a website and social media presence with accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as great online reviews written by satisfied patients.

Rodrigo Gavina, executive director of the facility own by D’Or Networks, expressed that they currently have plans of expanding Copa Star and opening new branches in other Brazilian cities, such as Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

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