The Best DeVos Leadership in Education

Betsy DeVos has have managed to navigate in the business and political world. She has worn a lot of hats over the years.

Devos has become one of the most interesting players in the exciting the presidential line up people that are part of his cabinet. She has managed to gain her power by presenting plans for a new education system that can benefit boys and girls across the board. She has given back to education down through the years, and she has become the current Secretary of Education.

Betsy has done a considerable amount of work with her charity with her husband where she gives back to education, and this has always been her passion. Long before she became the Secretary of Education she was fighting for education reform. I think this may be one of the most interesting things about her transition to power as a secretary of education. She has already proven herself as someone that had passion about this area, and I think that has made it much easier for her to make the transition. I also believe that this is the reason that Trump picked her to occupy this role for the next four years.


One thing about Betsy DeVos that people notice is that she is a very dedicated person. She has been in politics for a long time, and she has also made a name for herself in the business world. I think that these are things that are relevant to where she stands now in terms of her leadership. DeVos is an advocate of charter schools, and I believe that she will get a lot done in her role as a Secretary of Education.

There are tons of people that have proven down through the years that the education system need reform. Many politicians have voiced this, but Betsy DeVos may be the only one that was actively working towards improving the American education system before she stepped into the role of Secretary of Education. This is why I believe that she will be an important piece in rebuilding the education system in America. She has met with different organizations, and she also worked as a chairman of an alliance School organization at one time. I believe that she knows more about education reform than most politicians in the past because she has dedicated herself to improving this prior to her nomination.

She has become a person that the world is seeing in a new light. Many people knew of Betsy DeVos the business woman, but many were not aware of how much she had already given to education. These are the things that are making people optimistic about this new position. Read more news on