Fabletics: Using a Reverse Showroom to Become the Athleisure Wear Giant

Kate Hudson’s workout line, Fabletics has taken the “athleisure” wear industry by storm. It’s no secret that athletic wear has gone from functional to fashion, and Fabletics is leading the way. The company offers a large volume of highly fashionable athletic wear at a reasonable price. The athletic wear is also top quality, which sets it apart from other “athleisure” war brands. Their pieces are incredibly stylist, hold their shape and are made of the best quality materials. Today, Fabletics has done over $250 million in revenue and boasts and incredible 1.4 million members.


It’s no secret that today’s consumer loves to online shop. Yet, many people still visit brick-and-mortar locations. However, the sales journey is very different with the wealth of online options. The sales journey often doesn’t even end in the store. One in three consumers check online prices for an item they want while they are in the actual store. They often visit the store to look at different sizing options, colors and textures. They then go home (or search from the store) and look online for less expensive options.


When Kate Hudson (along with Fabletics parent company TechStyle Group LLC.) founded Fabletics, they didn’t want to force consumers to go to physical locations. In fact, Fabletics has just a few physical locations in America. They wanted to go digital first and invite consumers into a “reverse showroom.” What this means is that the entire experience of shopping with Fabletics appeals to people who are known to shop online and like the ease of that. Consumers enjoy shopping in a manner that is fun, while being fully digital. In a sense, Fabletics brings the showroom to its members, rather than forcing them to shop for themselves.


Fabletics creates a unique experience for website visitors by offering a LifeStyle Quiz. The quiz is short and simple; you answer a few questions about your fitness likes and your personal style. After you complete the quiz, Fabletics has a unique algorithm that gives you a unique online experience and shows you athletic wear pieces curated for your specific taste and fitness needs. For example, members who live in high-humidity clients and run outdoors will see shorts and open midriff tops, rather than heavy leggings and thicker-fabric tops that people in say, Chicago, would appreciate. The quiz is actually quite fun if you want to give it a whirl!

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is succeeding despite Amazon

In the world of fashion e-commerce, it is hard to discuss anything without a mention of Amazon. Today, Amazon controls about 20% of the market. That is why it is so surprising the Kate Hudson’s Fabletcis has grown to $250 million in just three years.

Fabletics is a company that focuses mainly on the activewear movement. It utilizes a subscription mechanism to make sales. The model of business is quite simple. They simply mix a membership model with convenience for customers. This has proven to be a successful model of business.

In the past, high-end brands have usually been defined by the quality and price of their products. However, recent economic upsets have meant that people are looking for bargains more than ever before. Now customers are increasingly looking for things such as last mile service, brand recognition, and customer experience.


What the GM has to Say


According to the GM of Fabletics, the company is simply re-imagining what it means to be a high-value brand. When combined with low prices, this has allowed Fabletics to soar in sales. Besides being able to understand what people want, has played a big role in the success of Fabletics.


How Kate Hudson Went From Almost Famous to Ultimate Success with Fabletics


Recently, Kate Hudson was spotted at a red carpet event. However, this event was not promoting any new TV show; it was promoting how successful Fableitcs has become. The event was also the launch of a collaboration between the clothes company and a pop singer, Demi Lovato.

In just three short years since Fabletics was launched, Kate Hudson and the team at Fabletcis have turned it into a company worth $250 million. This was especially impressive since Kate Hudson had no known business background.

When the founders of Fashion Group first decided to launch an athleisure brand, there was no brand out there, which offered what they envisioned. They wanted to change the market and provide it with something stylish yet affordable.

The first person they thought of approaching with this idea was Kate Hudson. They liked how approachable she was, and that she was a person who did not take herself too seriously. To them, she personified everything they envisioned their brand to be. From the first day the brand was launched, Kate was quite involved. She continues to play an important part in the process of designing the outfits. However, do not expect Kate Hudson to quit her acting job because of the success at Fabletics. She insists that she is still an actor although she is proud of her business success.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics: Recommended for All

Kate Hudson is one of the most popular celebrity fashion icons of all time. Best known for her acting in some of Hollywood’s greatest romantic comedies, Kate Hudson is expanding her resume with Fabletics. Fabletics is her activewear fashion brand, which is drawing worldwide attention.

Activewear refers to the fashion style that combines fitness clothes with the fashion of casual wear. Fabletics is amongst the most popular activewear brands. Millennials are not only drawn to Fabletics because of the fashion; they’re also drawn to Kate Hudson’s personality and focus on health and fitness.

Millennials are more health conscious than previous generations, so they tend to have more health conscious role models. Like all female actors, Kate Hudson pays great attention to keeping herself in the best of shape. She noticed that there wasn’t a lot of fashionable fitness outfits. And the few brands that did exist were incredibly expensive.

She originally set out to create an affordable and fashionable fitness brand. Over the next three years, she grew a $250 million business out of Fabletics. She always wanted to the company to sell directly to people interested in her particular fashion.

Fabletics expanded its reach by opening physical stores. After experiencing immense success in the e-commerce market, Fabletics set its sights on further global expansion. Currently, there are only 16 stores in the United States, but the company looks forward to adding more stores by next year’s end.

So far, Fabletic’s retail stores are performing better than most other brands. Most businesses suffer from people preferring to shop online where things are cheaper. Fabletics, being a member-based franchise, focuses on creating alluring and provocative customer experiences to keep people returning. That involving building relationships and selling products that its members will actually want to buy.

Another element of Fabletic’s success is all the brilliant publicity the brand is getting. While other companies fake their reviews, Fabletics relies on the reviews of real members. One such review pointed out the quality of Fabletic’s products. The reviewer stated that the quality is actually better than she expected.

She also talked about the endless variety of styles Fabletics has. Fashion is one of the most important aspects of Fabletic’s premise, and the brand delivers. Anyone wanting to see what styles Fabletics has can take a lifestyle quiz.

Fabletics The Active Wear Brand to Watch Out For

Fabletics has gained a lot of popularity for being the very first sports apparel company to try and beat Amazon at their game. This is because of their great marketing strategies, quality and the personalized services. Being on the same level with Amazon means that they are now competing with giant brands such as Nike and Lululemon. They are tapping the stylish sports enthusiasts from some of the major active wear brands in the industry. Some of the reasons behind their competency.



Fabletics has gained a lot of popularity within a very short time because it invests heavily in advertisement. You will see their ads pop up every now and then. This has gone a long way in improving their brand awareness.


Selling Strategy

Selling of some items, such as clothes, online, is never easy. It requires that a company conducts extra research and have a way of convincing their customers to buy. As for Fabletics, they use a loyalty program to get their customers hooked. If one becomes a VIP member at Fabletics, they get to purchase attires at discounted prices. They also get to choose from a variety of active wear that has been recommended by Kate Hudson personally. Other than that members of the VIP program get loyalty points for every time they shop. The loyalty points can be redeemed for free items and everyone just loves free goods.



There are several great active wear brands. But most of them are defined by their costs. They charge very high prices for their products. Fabletics realized this early and identified that they had an opportunity to provide the same great quality and value but at a cheaper price. You will get items at unimaginable prices there. Right now they are selling two leggings at $24, leggings that would otherwise go for over a hundred bucks. And it doesn’t end there. If you are shopping for two, three or more piece sports attire, you can get them affordably, ranging from just $45 to nearly $100.



Fabletics is great on value. First, they deliver products free of charge. And when you purchase their active wear, you can say goodbye to faded clothes. Their attires are made with quality material such that they can handle any amount of sweating. They do not get stretchy with time and they help keep fit in a stylish manner.