Dr. Mark Mofid And His Remarkable Talent for Plastic Surgery

We have so many things to say about Dr. Mark Mofid, but most of the articles you read today are perplexing and often tedious. What you want is something that will not waste your time but without losing all the essential information that you may need to learn more about Dr. Mark Mofid. This is the article that you should read. In this article, we will give you a short description of Dr. Mark Mofid, his career and what makes him stand out in his line of business.

Plastic Surgery as an Art

There are many artforms today that don’t get the credit that they deserve. These people do their best to render a service to humanity, and they don’t get the attention and recognition they so rightly deserve. Dr. Mark Mofid can be one of those people. With his passion for plastic surgery and for making sure that he avoids the perilous consequences of cosmetic surgery, there are now more people today who give their trust to Dr. Mark Mofid.

There’s also no reason to worry whether Dr. Mark Mofid can be trusted. With his board-certified license from San Diego and La Jolla area to do plastic surgery that has the stamp from American Board of Plastic Surgery, you could put a lot of trust in what Dr. Mofid does today. The commitment of Dr. Mofid also to give his best and meticulous expertise in the field of aesthetics that he is in also assures Dr. Mofid’s role in the advancement of the craft of body reconstruction.

Personalized Care

In the age where anyone can just be an expert, and anyone can pretend that they care, Dr. Mofid seems to be a rose among the thorns because of his conscientious way of dealing with his patients and with the way he handles his consultation. It is not a Dr. Mofid treatment if it doesn’t have a careful evaluation of the patient that addresses the patients’ complete goals, concerns, and queries.

Truly, you can’t be more personalized in the kind of care that he offers. It also helps that Dr. Mofid is currently a clinical faculty member from the University of California Division of Plastic Surgery, San Diego.

What To Know About Plastic Surgery Around Dallas, Texas

There are many avenues in life that will bring us to contemplate what can be done for our aesthetic appearances through the work of talented cosmetic surgeons. Much of this field of medicine tends to be looked upon somewhat negatively, seen as vanity procedures but that is not the only aspect of cosmetic surgery.


Much of the work done inside of the field of plastic surgery is, in fact, reconstructive work that involves a great deal of effort as well as skill on the part of the surgeons. There are far more aspects to cosmetic surgery than we generally tend to see on the surface.


Any cosmetic surgery, especially those involving a greater level of body contouring and anesthesia, are best done if you are a good candidate. One of the best things you can do to ensure that you are a good candidate for any procedure you are thinking of undergoing is to ensure that you are healthy.


Making sure you eat a balanced diet as well as stick to some form of exercise routine will help your body to heal from any procedures as well as help the results stick around. It can become quite easy to lapse and let the hard work of your plastic surgeon fade away.


One of the most controversial procedures to date is the Brazilian butt lift, a procedure where fat is placed into the rear end to give it curve and roundness. The risk is present due to the high level of veins in the gluteal region.


Always shop around and make sure that the plastic surgeon you choose is both skilled as well as implements the highest quality standard for safety. Some of the best plastic surgeons in the business are currently operating in Dallas, Texas, such as Dr. Sameer Jejurikar and the staff at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, Plastic Surgeon

The Dallas, Texas area is fortunate to have the well-known Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. This Institute is also grateful to have a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon on board in the name of Dr. Sam Jejurikar. Also known as Dr. J, this physician is extremely qualified in the art of cosmetic surgery of the nose, eyes, face breast and body. His compassion and friendliness adds to his popularity with his patients who are coming to the Institute with serious cosmetic difficulties.

Dr. Jejurikar commits himself to each patient by providing them with the most up-to-date methods in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. Some of the patients with to look younger while others want or need a total change in their appearance. His knowledge enables him to offer both non-invasive and surgical answers to each patients’ needs.

Dr. Jejurikar is also generous with his expertise and time to help those who are less fortunate. One of the several missions he has completed include a yearly trip to Bangladesh with Smile Bangladesh. He is also recognized for his unselfish work in the local and other international venues to help those in need who are less fortunate.

Some of Dr. Jejurikar’s surgeries include procedures such as tummy tucks, liposuction, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, facelifts and others. His many accomplishments can also be read about in publications such as the Annals of Plastic Surgery, Microsurgery, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Plastic & Reconstruction Surgery, and the Journal of Surgical Research. With several hospital affiliations such as the Forest Park Medical Center in Dallas and Frisco, the Dallas Day Surgery Center, and others, it is easy to find Dr. Sameer Jejurikar on the job for anyone needing the very delicate procedure as plastic surgery.