The Academy of Art University Does it Again

Preparing and training individuals to become professionals within a field is the purpose of any institution of higher learning. The best way to achieve this goal is to give students hands-on training and a real taste for what is to come within their professionals in the years ahead. To this end, the School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University holds a runway show for graduating up-and-comers.


This is a Gala event that has happened more than 20 times annually in the past, and it is sure to happen 20 times more in the future. One of these shows in particular that deserves attention is the September 9th 2017 event at the Skylight Clarkson Square. This showcase lets the world see what some of the finest BFA and MFA graduates have to hold for the world a fashion. The displays are both individual efforts and a collective display at the same time.

Simon Ugless is the proud Executive Director for the School of Fashion that oversees this event. There are 10 up-and-coming student / artists that have a unique take and style to offer the world of fashion. Their homelands and Inspirations range from across the globe and deserve just a bit of attention. The audience itself has a little bit of glitz and glam to it. There are members such as Miss J. Alexander who is frequently seen on America’s Next Top Model, and Sarah Kozlowski who is the director of education and professional development at for the CFDA. It’s kind of a big deal to see these professionals handle their first show and see where these careers will take them.


But for the Academy of Art University, it’s really just another day at the office, and turning out star-power professional is what they do. The MFA (Master of Fine Art) graduates include Hailun Zhou, Eden Slezin, Dina Marie Lam, Saya Shen, Joanna Jadallah, Ryan Yu and Jelly Shan. The BFA (BFA) graduates are Cana Klebanoff and Carlos Rodriguez. This type of real world training is what makes the Academy of Art University the institution that is. The teachings and work product that result from its classes are of a superlative quality, to say the least.


Malcom Casselle

Malcom Casselle Striving For Universal Benefit

Once regarded as a novelty, the gaming industry has exponentially increased in recent years, largely due to the explosion of mobile gaming, the most profitable genre. Now millions and millions of people play games from a multitude of devices. However, the purchase of in-game assets or “in-app purchases” has proven a very effective method of generating revenue indefinitely. And OPSkins, being the global leader of this business practice, has become the leading centralized marketplace for virtual assets.

However, the business model is immediately hamstrung out of the gate due to the centralization of technology, more specifically payment processing, language and security concerns which are further complicated by unique regional regulations, all of which bog down speed and efficiency. OPSskins’ solution to this dilemma is a new selling platform called “WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange)”. Rather than using the typical centralized model, WAX relies on peer-to-peer transactions, cutting out the excessive regulation and providing a simple widget that allows users to quickly buy/sell assets without clicking out of their game. WAX also solves the geographic issue by having a single universal virtual currency, the WAX token, which doesn’t require converting into the regional currency and can be used across all markets in all places while retaining the same value and knocking down the financial barriers with a simple universal currency that every user would recognize and use.

The CTO of OPSkins, Malcolm Casselle, sports varied and extensive knowledge of digital economics stemming from previous projects and organizations he has been associated with, showcasing a penchant for leading startups such as MediaPass and Xfire and serving as CEO and CTO of a multitude of digital service companies. All of this extensive exposure to various avenues of digital marketing has provided Casselle with the knowledge and skill set to establish a digital platform such as OPSkins and make the necessary steps to ensure its continued evolution and improvement.

As the electronic age advances so must the currency, technology and communication, all of which demand a digital market, a transition that’s anything but simple, but OPSkins serves as an example that, just because the form of currency has changed, the market doesn’t have to suffer for it.


Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur Todd Lubar

The Real estate sector requires a lot of experience and knowledge for success to be achieved. In Baltimore area, Todd Lubar is one of the most renowned persons in Real estate, although this is not his only business venture.

He started his education at Sidwell Friends School. He later went to High School at Peddie School. His degree in speech communication was obtained from Syracuse Campus, but he later discovered Real estate was where his passion lied. In the year 2002, he founded Legendary Properties, a Real estate company that mainly dealt with residential development.

1995 was when he got his first job, and he worked at Crestar as a loan originator. It was while he was still working at Crestar where he formed links with different people working in the Real estate and finance sector. According to Inspirery, after he left Crestar, he then proceeded to Legacy Financial Group where he developed more of his referral business.

Todd Lubar is also the President TDL Global Ventures with an experience in Real Estate for more than twenty years. In an interview (, Todd declares that it has taken a lot of passion for being wherever he is. It also requires dedication and willingness to serve others and that it all requires hard work and typically, all that you’ve got. He also encourages all entrepreneurs to develop a culture of trust as well as open communication in their organizations.

Todd Lobar was incited to open his firm after having noted a gap of under-served customers by firms that initially existed and through this business; he has helped numerous people achieve their dream of owning a home. Mr. Todd can analyze the general risks of any credit scenario; due to his vast experience thus he can make the right decision on whether or not to giving credit is worthy.

Todd is undoubtedly the right person to look up to if you would like to venture into Real Estate and just as he says, you only need to be passionate about your work and then the rest will come automatically. Hard work is also an essential tool for success.


Glen Wakeman Is An Entrepreneur Who Loves Helping Other Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman, the CEO and Co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. is an extremely successful financial services executive and entrepreneur who has 21 years of experience with management. He is known as an effective mentor and a business revolutionary who now works with budding entrepreneurs to make their journey easier. LaunchPad was founded in 2015, and the company offers an intuitive software platform that guides startups so they don’t have to stumble over the same issues that so many beginners to the startup world do. Glen Wakeman’s inspiration for starting LaunchPad stems from his encounters with numerous entrepreneurs who had great ideas but, for one reason or another, just couldn’t get the ball rolling enough to get their company or idea started.

glen wakeman picssss

A Peek Into Glen Wakeman’s Inner World

Glen Wakeman takes new ideas and breathes life into them by making himself explain the idea to other people. He has found that this forces him to put together an outline and think more critically about what makes the idea so important. This process weeds out the bad ideas and shines a light on the ones that are good. Glen, purposefully, goes out of his way to find people that may not see things the same way he does so that he can get a better idea of what might be wrong with his idea.

To keep himself moving along and being as efficient as possible, Glen starts his day by looking at the performance of the previous day. He then likes to divvy up all of the work that needs to be done for the day between his partner and himself, and they get to work getting it done. Glen doesn’t like to give up on a business venture or idea without, first, getting a thorough understanding of it. He feels that it is his curiosity that is his best trait and that it allows him to truly get to the bottom of why things are so he can make a change for the better. Read more at Premier Gazette about Glen Wakeman.

Glen Wakeman earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree in economics and an MBA in finance. He lives in Miami and loves helping others to succeed.

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A Benediction from Daniel Taub

When an ambassador between the United Kingdom and Israel is giving his farewell and final speech regarding his term in office, the range of subjects is sure to be wide.

Equally so, the depth of understanding that Daniel Taub shows for each and every circumstance surrounding his service is as impressive as their range. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

So, it takes an exceptional individual indeed to interview the man and really extract what he gleams from his everyday life. fortunately Michael Freedland does a pretty good job of it.

The interview they have starts out quite deep with a reminiscent thought on Daniel Taub’s meeting with the queen and just how he keeps his composure during that experience. It turns out the way he handled his time with her majesty is just in the same way a similar method of how he performed his tasks and services while in office.

For the most part he was just himself and did the right thing by others and kept the good of mankind and mind while building bridges and starting new hope. Other topics of discussion are how he improved not just relations but business while in his service.

It all starts with not forgetting where he comes from and knowing that no matter where he travels home is not just for the heart is, but where the people live.

However, Daniel must also remember that there is always something positive that can happen and that staying close to his religion as an orthodox Jew shows the way. Other than that it is just all about maintaining or rather improving on the status quo when it comes to the perceptions and relations of Israel.

But, it is not always about good relations and improving on what is happening. There are also crisis and unexpected episodes to manage on any given day as an ambassador between the United Kingdom and Israel.

And, that is where the expertise of actually doing the job and traveling to different parts of the world to deal with peoples and their leaders comes into play.

Daniel Taub does this so often that is it is almost his second nature and he looks forward to the opportunities that are afforded with each and every journey. And, in doing so, he comes across situations such as advocating on behalf of Israel on media circuits using shows such as Knight News and Today as the vehicles.

Situations like meeting of the queen or being in front of the public eye are just everyday occurrences when you are an ambassador between nations. Only time can tell what is next for the former ambassador between the United Kingdom and Israel Daniel Taub.

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Todd Lubar: Finance and Real Estate Genius

Todd Lubar is a name synonymous with real estate. Since 1995, Lubar has been working to build an empire. He may have gotten his start in finance and real estate, but since then, he’s branched out into several other industries. He has achieved success in a way that no one else can.

Mr. Lubar’s career began as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. His time spent at Crestar Mortgage was an invaluable experience. He learned so much in the four years he worked with the company. He even learned about the industry’s model of conservative mortgage banking.

In 1999, Todd Lubar took another step toward his dream. He advanced his career even more by taking a job with Legacy Financial Group. From his new equity position, he could expand his lending capabilities. Now, he could broker loans with outside investors, and he operated as a direct mortgage bank. Check out Ideamensch for more info.

The final step in his long line of advancements was founded Legendary Properties, LLC. Up until that point, Lubar worked for other people, following their rules. Now leading his own company, Todd Lubar could take the industry by storm. In a matter of months, Legendary Properties had facilitated more than 200 transactions. All of those transactions involved a wide range of property types.

They were able to complete all these properties so quickly thanks to Todd’s referral business. For nearly a decade, Lubar has been building an incredible source of referral business. His relationships with countless real estate agents, CPAs, financial planners, and insurance agents allowed him to progress through real estate easily.

Because of his many successes, Todd Lubar also established multiple relationships with major banking institutions. Many of those institutions gave Legendary Properties multi-million lines of credit as high as $20 million.

After establishing a name for himself in other industries, Todd Lubar focused on helping other achieve their homeownership dreams. He found the best way to help them was to remove any obstacle that may prevent them from getting loans. That’s why he created the RELIEF program. Visit Todd’s page to learn more.

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Nathaniel Ru And His Leadership At Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru is a leader at Sweetgreen, and his company is creating a new way for people to eat fast food in a healthier way. The company wants to ensure that it is giving better food to all its customers, and they are growing every day as they appeal to more healthy eaters. This article explains how the company is helping people eat right even when they are in a hurry, and it shows how the company gives the resources that all busy people need.


#1: What Do They Make?


Nathaniel Ru and his team at Sweetgreen create healthy foods that are served in the fast food style. Someone who is searching for a healthier way to eat may use this company because they will receive food that is often only found in sitdown restaurants and salad bars. Someone who has a hard time eating healthy will have their problems solved by Sweetgreen, and they will eat something that makes them happy every time.


#2: Growing The Brand


Nathaniel believes that the company must grow as much as possible, and he knows that there are a number of people who will benefit from this brand. He wants to help the public eat better, and he wants to ensure that the company is reaching to markets where they will perform well. He has a good eye for business, and he knows that there are many cities his company must target as they market themselves.


#3: Why Healthy Eating?


There is an obesity epidemic in America, and it is something that concerns Nathaniel and his partners. They have a keen interest in helping people eat better, and he hopes that he will change lives by allowing his customers to enjoy foods that they have fallen in love with. Healthy eating is something that Nathaniel believes will change lives, and he wants to normalize the family fast food meals to include healthy foods such as what is offered at Sweetgreen.


The career of Nathaniel Ru and the purpose of Sweetgreen is to ensure that everyone who wishes to eat well has a much better chance of finding the foods they need, and they may find fast food that is healthy in every respect. Everyone who has questions about eating well with this company may consult their website, and they will see Nathaniel Ru and his team create more exciting menu items every year.

Check out Nathaniel Ru on LinkedIn.


Copa Star, THE Five Star Hospital in Rio de Janeiro

On October 2016, in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro’s most spirited district, a state-of-the-art health facility opened its doors: Copa Star Hospital.

Equipped with the latest technology such as robotic medicine, smart operating rooms, hybrid rooms (just to name a few), highly qualified professionals, innovative techniques, luxurious atmosphere and services like mattresses that adapt to the body, patient controlled environment for lighting, curtains, and air flow, and splendid menus, makes it the perfect Medical Institution for those who want the best services, and where patients and professionals can feel at ease.

The distinctive sterile hospital atmosphere, where harsh fluorescent lights and ether smell dominate our senses, is replaced by natural light coming through the glass ceiling and woody and citrus aromas that spread throughout the surrounding areas, transforming it into a calming, less stressful ambiance. Read more at about Copa Star.

With a 10,000 m² construction footprint on seven floors, and an investment of R$400 million, Copa Star Hospital, one of Brazil’s most modern medical facilities, is served by around 500 professionals of which 113 are doctors. It also features an elegant infrastructure with 155 patient suites, 59 Intensive Care Units (ICU) rooms and 9 operating rooms.

The premium medical facility offers concierge service, tastefully decorated areas featuring large, comfortable sofas, works of fine art throughout the main lobby and a grand piano on display. A gourmet restaurant with a menu designed by a world renowned chef, screens transmitting live footage of the nearby streets and the Copacabana beach. A provided iPad makes interaction with the medical staff possible, through an app specifically developed for the hospital, which permits video conferencing with the doctors, the ability to receive test results or call the nurse when needed.

But alongside the luxurious, environment, experienced qualified professionals will provide patients with the highest level of personalized care.

The five-star-hospital has a website and social media presence with accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as great online reviews written by satisfied patients.

Rodrigo Gavina, executive director of the facility own by D’Or Networks, expressed that they currently have plans of expanding Copa Star and opening new branches in other Brazilian cities, such as Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

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The Success of Rick Shinto in Innovacare Health Service

Innovacare service is one of the excellent health service providers in Northern America with quality services. The company ensures that they get qualified professionals to so that the health service can grow and remain stable. According to the current president and the CEO of the firm Rick Shinto, teamwork, good communications, clear visions and good work relations should always be encouraged so that the company can continue experiencing success. He also says that transparency is vital in ensuring good leadership.

Rick Shinto has shown both technical and excellent leadership skills from his long years in the operational and clinical healthcare. Shinto received his medical degree from the University of New York. Rick has shown a vast improvement and secured a top position in all the firms he has worked since joining the career. He received an award for excellence and commitment from Ernst& Young Entrepreneurs while operating in Aveta Inc. He worked in several clinics including his internship in South California, being a chief medical officer in Orange Country’s Cal Optima Health Plan and Medical Pathways Management Company acting as the chief medical and operating officer. All these health clinics have equipped him with experience and confidence in his leadership.

Rick is also a writer writing many clinical medicine and health care service articles. The Innovacare enjoys the success of his good leadership, wise use of technology and customer satisfaction. The clinic has also increased the number of their clients from the quality and affordable services with the residents preferring their services due to their good relations. Read more about Rick at Intelius

The Innovacare has also shown a lot of success in their two affiliate programs, the PMC Medicare Choice Inc. And MMM Healthcare promoting the physical and emotional wellbeing of their customers. The firm has been able to provide ninety percent customer satisfaction at a consistent rate showing the success of the enterprise in the service. The two affiliate programs received an NCOA accreditation which is only given to a company that has been able to meet their expectations or has gone beyond the quality assurance. Rick Shinto is with no doubt an individual who has positively impacted the healthcare industry.

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Details Concerning Mike Baur’s Profession

Baur is a Swiss-based entrepreneur and businessman. He has experience of over two decades and serves as managing partner and co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory. Before engaging in co-founding the organization, Baur had quit investing in startup ventures. Due to his coveted experience, Mike took part as a board member of the START Summiteer, which was a pitching match of St Gallen University. The Wall Street Journal took note of Baur’s career and profiled it from Swiss investments to free enterprise and startup funds.


Informed Details About Swiss Startup Factory

Swiss startup factory is an organization whose primary goal is to transform startups into companies. They ensure that such ventures are able to rise above the status quo and disrupt the popular models, norms, as well as products. They intend to accelerate such startups so as to assist them in the realization of greater global achievements. The enterprise was begun in 2014, with their core business listed as a three-month package aimed at fully supporting the young ventures. To grow their investor networks, they were meant to allow easy access of starting capital, free mentorship, coaching, working space, as well as entrepreneurial networks. The company operates uniquely, being guided by their facets in their accelerator program.


Progress Registered by Swiss Startup Factory Since Inception

The Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) celebrates milestones achieved in the last two years they have been in operation. The Switzerland-based private venture looks back to a trend of success after success. In 2016, SSUF received over 1500 applications, which was a sure sign of winning client-trust. In response to the overwhelming applications, they completed two excellent accelerator collections. The success of the initiative was contributed by an input of more than 50 mentors who worked tirelessly. As for Mike Baur, it excites him that within such a short period, they have managed to win highly regarded personalities. They play a central role in helping them refine their startup scene.



If you are looking for a place where innovation meets fruition, Swiss startup factory is the place to be. Although they have been operating since 2014, they have grown their reputation far and wide. As such, they stand out as a company helping people out of the stagnation they might be experiencing. Their primary goal is to ensure that upcoming business people rise above the challenges and broaden their horizons. To achieve their success, they partner with like-minded initiatives to pursue a common goal.