Fabletics: Using a Reverse Showroom to Become the Athleisure Wear Giant

Kate Hudson’s workout line, Fabletics has taken the “athleisure” wear industry by storm. It’s no secret that athletic wear has gone from functional to fashion, and Fabletics is leading the way. The company offers a large volume of highly fashionable athletic wear at a reasonable price. The athletic wear is also top quality, which sets it apart from other “athleisure” war brands. Their pieces are incredibly stylist, hold their shape and are made of the best quality materials. Today, Fabletics has done over $250 million in revenue and boasts and incredible 1.4 million members.


It’s no secret that today’s consumer loves to online shop. Yet, many people still visit brick-and-mortar locations. However, the sales journey is very different with the wealth of online options. The sales journey often doesn’t even end in the store. One in three consumers check online prices for an item they want while they are in the actual store. They often visit the store to look at different sizing options, colors and textures. They then go home (or search from the store) and look online for less expensive options.


When Kate Hudson (along with Fabletics parent company TechStyle Group LLC.) founded Fabletics, they didn’t want to force consumers to go to physical locations. In fact, Fabletics has just a few physical locations in America. They wanted to go digital first and invite consumers into a “reverse showroom.” What this means is that the entire experience of shopping with Fabletics appeals to people who are known to shop online and like the ease of that. Consumers enjoy shopping in a manner that is fun, while being fully digital. In a sense, Fabletics brings the showroom to its members, rather than forcing them to shop for themselves.


Fabletics creates a unique experience for website visitors by offering a LifeStyle Quiz. The quiz is short and simple; you answer a few questions about your fitness likes and your personal style. After you complete the quiz, Fabletics has a unique algorithm that gives you a unique online experience and shows you athletic wear pieces curated for your specific taste and fitness needs. For example, members who live in high-humidity clients and run outdoors will see shorts and open midriff tops, rather than heavy leggings and thicker-fabric tops that people in say, Chicago, would appreciate. The quiz is actually quite fun if you want to give it a whirl!

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