The Academy of Art University Does it Again

Preparing and training individuals to become professionals within a field is the purpose of any institution of higher learning. The best way to achieve this goal is to give students hands-on training and a real taste for what is to come within their professionals in the years ahead. To this end, the School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University holds a runway show for graduating up-and-comers.


This is a Gala event that has happened more than 20 times annually in the past, and it is sure to happen 20 times more in the future. One of these shows in particular that deserves attention is the September 9th 2017 event at the Skylight Clarkson Square. This showcase lets the world see what some of the finest BFA and MFA graduates have to hold for the world a fashion. The displays are both individual efforts and a collective display at the same time.

Simon Ugless is the proud Executive Director for the School of Fashion that oversees this event. There are 10 up-and-coming student / artists that have a unique take and style to offer the world of fashion. Their homelands and Inspirations range from across the globe and deserve just a bit of attention. The audience itself has a little bit of glitz and glam to it. There are members such as Miss J. Alexander who is frequently seen on America’s Next Top Model, and Sarah Kozlowski who is the director of education and professional development at for the CFDA. It’s kind of a big deal to see these professionals handle their first show and see where these careers will take them.


But for the Academy of Art University, it’s really just another day at the office, and turning out star-power professional is what they do. The MFA (Master of Fine Art) graduates include Hailun Zhou, Eden Slezin, Dina Marie Lam, Saya Shen, Joanna Jadallah, Ryan Yu and Jelly Shan. The BFA (BFA) graduates are Cana Klebanoff and Carlos Rodriguez. This type of real world training is what makes the Academy of Art University the institution that is. The teachings and work product that result from its classes are of a superlative quality, to say the least.


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