Malcom Casselle

Malcom Casselle Striving For Universal Benefit

Once regarded as a novelty, the gaming industry has exponentially increased in recent years, largely due to the explosion of mobile gaming, the most profitable genre. Now millions and millions of people play games from a multitude of devices. However, the purchase of in-game assets or “in-app purchases” has proven a very effective method of generating revenue indefinitely. And OPSkins, being the global leader of this business practice, has become the leading centralized marketplace for virtual assets.

However, the business model is immediately hamstrung out of the gate due to the centralization of technology, more specifically payment processing, language and security concerns which are further complicated by unique regional regulations, all of which bog down speed and efficiency. OPSskins’ solution to this dilemma is a new selling platform called “WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange)”. Rather than using the typical centralized model, WAX relies on peer-to-peer transactions, cutting out the excessive regulation and providing a simple widget that allows users to quickly buy/sell assets without clicking out of their game. WAX also solves the geographic issue by having a single universal virtual currency, the WAX token, which doesn’t require converting into the regional currency and can be used across all markets in all places while retaining the same value and knocking down the financial barriers with a simple universal currency that every user would recognize and use.

The CTO of OPSkins, Malcolm Casselle, sports varied and extensive knowledge of digital economics stemming from previous projects and organizations he has been associated with, showcasing a penchant for leading startups such as MediaPass and Xfire and serving as CEO and CTO of a multitude of digital service companies. All of this extensive exposure to various avenues of digital marketing has provided Casselle with the knowledge and skill set to establish a digital platform such as OPSkins and make the necessary steps to ensure its continued evolution and improvement.

As the electronic age advances so must the currency, technology and communication, all of which demand a digital market, a transition that’s anything but simple, but OPSkins serves as an example that, just because the form of currency has changed, the market doesn’t have to suffer for it.


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