Talk Fusion Leads in Innovative Communications Software

Live Meetings was recently introduced by Talk Fusion. It is a computer program that allows real time, sophisticated communications that used the WebRTC system. The interface has been updated, the version was announced through an online broadcast by Bob Reina.


Capabilities of the Product


Living Meetings allows video conferencing and one way videos, giving an easy and convenient way to hold meetings or give presentations. There can be up to fifteen hosts and five hundred participants with the application. Smartphones, tablets and PCs can be used for connecting by conference guests.


Enhanced Technology


There is no need to download anything else with the new software’s recording technology. It can be accessed in a web browser which saves time and increases compatibility. The company is staying competitive by uses WebRTC in software development and adopting the latest methods of promoting its products to attract to new users.


Bob Reina the leader of Talk Fusion spoke about the new edition to the conferencing software and the commitment to have the system added to every application for Talk Fusion. WebRTC’s value cannot be matched by similar technology and could benefit the average users in addition to professionals in marketing. Any browser can be used for voice communications, the video and audio are vastly improved.


There are no delays to prevent being on time. Efficiency is improved by the new system.


More Advantages


Live Meetings newest version offers clearer audio, sharper video and an interface the improves the experience by making the software more beginner friendly. The security for presenters and participants is increased, the video feeds are smooth without distortion or echoes in the audio. Host have the ability to run tests and prepare before presentations are heard or seen.




The second of Talk Fusion Video Suite’s products to get WebRTC technology is Live Meetings, Video Chat was the first and in 2016 the application received a WebRTC award. There was a separate award given to Video Chat acknowledging it as the best communications solution software for suing the software in an innovative manner. Learn more:

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