Support of research against aging by Jason Hope

A renowned businessperson, futurist, and philanthropist, Jason Hope, was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. Jason Attended the Arizona State University where he studied finance as well as obtaining an MBA from School of business. During this time in school, Jason Hope developed the interest in the business experience, and he had an urge to dive deep into it as soon as he completed his studies.

In the beginning, Jason would develop a keen understanding of the underlying technical skills necessary to venture into investment. As we speak, Jason is a respectable investor and well sought after futurist for his clear understanding of technology. As a result of his great passion for technology, he earned the reputation as a seasoned futurist. The vast knowledge he acquired is necessary for enabling him to make theoretical predictions concerning the direction and future of the technology.

According to Jason’s reflection on bringing ideas to life, he is quick to identify with keeping things simple as well as easy to understand. It is this strategy that he advises the budding entrepreneurs to use as it was applicable in many walks of life. Jason further discourages on jumping from one idea to another as it undoubtedly results in a terrible failure. Additionally, he often communicates with people surrounding him to receive instant feedback.

In his recommendations to those looking up for him, he advises them to always focus on any single task at any given time. Hope discourages those jumping from one idea to another as it is a recipe for failure which he says anyone with a sound mind should never think of following that path.

Hope philanthropic life has always been a success. His ability to contribute around $500,000 to SENS foundation in 2010 must have made him the center of discussion in his village. The organization has a mission that intends to promote as well as facilitate accessibility of rejuvenating ways of addressing diseases caused by aging. Some of the conditions include Alzheimer’s, diabetes as well as heart and lung disease.

The focused attention on the fight against aging causing illnesses by Jason Hope was unique as compared to the general medical community that focused on the treatment of the disease once the symptoms appeared. Jason’s Hopes strategy entailed conducting researches that were backed by various financiers. The SENs foundation role in the research programs was very successfully in the sense that it led to a clear understanding and prevention of the diseases that caused aging.

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