Tony Petrello’s Kindness Culture Touches Many

Compassion is an element that is scarce in the world. Therefore, it’s a big deal when a community gets to experience one of its most significant companies contributing to a compassionate cause. Nabors Industries hugely donated to Hurricane Harvey relief. Anthony Petrello was delighted to lead the group into doing the right thing for all the citizens who had lost homes, possessions and their livelihood. Petrello wasn’t the only one excited to help the community. Many of the company’s 1,200 workers willingly went there and helped various citizens to achieve their goals.

The Many Ways That Nabors Industries Contributed

Nabors Industries helped in many ways. The employees went out into the neighborhood and conducted various recovery efforts on their own will and accord. Petrello rewarded them by giving them paid time off for the time that they spent aiding the community. Petrello also matched some contributions that the employees gave toward causes such as Harvey. The name of the fund that they put together is called the Nabors Disasters Relief Fund, and the amount that he contributed brought the total to more than $173,000.

The Heart of a Philanthropist

Petrello’s kindness did not start with the Hurricane Harvey relief nor is it going to end there. He gave to numerous causes such as the Texas Children’s Hospital’s research into neurological disorders. Petrello had a soft spot on that subject and contributed $7 million to it because of it. Additionally, Petrello showed his love for the educational field by contributing $150,000 to Yale University funds. He will continue to shine and show his kind heart to the world as the years pass. His employees will continue to inherit his kind heart and his willingness to go above and beyond for the people in the community.

About Tony Petrello

Anthony “Tony” Petrello has a reputation for being one of the highest paid CEOs in the entire nation. He has grossed as much as $15,000,00 during his career. Petrello grew up in New Jersey and went to both Yale and Harvard, which are two highly prominent universities for law degrees. Nabors Industries picked him up in 1991, and he worked his way to CEO by 2011. He exhibits the face of refined success and promotes a culture of compassion, empathy and neighborhood contributions. Any community where Petrello owns a business should be proud to have him there.


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