Todd Lubar Wants ‘Smart Homes’ to be Commonplace

All 21st-Century homes will all soon be equipped with smart device capabilities so residents can perform household tasks at the palms of their hands. This is the dream envisioned by the real estate extraordinaire, Todd Lubar. In the smart homes of today, there are various apps made for the basic convenience of adjusting the thermostat, controlling the lighting and home surveillance systems while you are miles away from home. Some newly built homes came complete with doorbells that ‘self-ring’ once a person comes close enough to activate the motion sensors.

The combination of innovative smart devices and voice activated assistants have made life easier, especially for the physically handicapped living on their own. A quadriplegic man and homeowner states that he can now set the temperature to a comfortable setting without wheeling over to the thermostat and can open or close his doors, all due to his brand new voice activated home system. His home is well-built with ramps, low cabinets and other savvy features. This allows him to function in his own home without the aid of a caretaker and it’s truly a life-changing thing. You can visit LinkedIn to see more.

Todd Lubar is an American businessman and entrepreneur based who currently lives in Bethesda, Maryland. He serves as the president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and also as the senior vice president at Legendary Investments. Mr. Lubar has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry and also specializes in the fields of credit and financing. For years he was ranked as one of the top 25 best mortgage originators in the nation. Check out Yelp to see more.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar attended Syracuse University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication in 1995. His career start was held at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation from the years of 1995 to 1999. With a strong passion for real estate, Mr. Lubar had worked in a few other industries including night club entertainment, mortgage banking and construction demolition. His passion and skill for helping people becoming new homeowners is almost second nature to him. Lubar now has two wonderful children that also reside in Bethesda, M.D.

Talk Fusion Leads in Innovative Communications Software

Live Meetings was recently introduced by Talk Fusion. It is a computer program that allows real time, sophisticated communications that used the WebRTC system. The interface has been updated, the version was announced through an online broadcast by Bob Reina.


Capabilities of the Product


Living Meetings allows video conferencing and one way videos, giving an easy and convenient way to hold meetings or give presentations. There can be up to fifteen hosts and five hundred participants with the application. Smartphones, tablets and PCs can be used for connecting by conference guests.


Enhanced Technology


There is no need to download anything else with the new software’s recording technology. It can be accessed in a web browser which saves time and increases compatibility. The company is staying competitive by uses WebRTC in software development and adopting the latest methods of promoting its products to attract to new users.


Bob Reina the leader of Talk Fusion spoke about the new edition to the conferencing software and the commitment to have the system added to every application for Talk Fusion. WebRTC’s value cannot be matched by similar technology and could benefit the average users in addition to professionals in marketing. Any browser can be used for voice communications, the video and audio are vastly improved.


There are no delays to prevent being on time. Efficiency is improved by the new system.


More Advantages


Live Meetings newest version offers clearer audio, sharper video and an interface the improves the experience by making the software more beginner friendly. The security for presenters and participants is increased, the video feeds are smooth without distortion or echoes in the audio. Host have the ability to run tests and prepare before presentations are heard or seen.




The second of Talk Fusion Video Suite’s products to get WebRTC technology is Live Meetings, Video Chat was the first and in 2016 the application received a WebRTC award. There was a separate award given to Video Chat acknowledging it as the best communications solution software for suing the software in an innovative manner. Learn more:

Support of research against aging by Jason Hope

A renowned businessperson, futurist, and philanthropist, Jason Hope, was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. Jason Attended the Arizona State University where he studied finance as well as obtaining an MBA from School of business. During this time in school, Jason Hope developed the interest in the business experience, and he had an urge to dive deep into it as soon as he completed his studies.

In the beginning, Jason would develop a keen understanding of the underlying technical skills necessary to venture into investment. As we speak, Jason is a respectable investor and well sought after futurist for his clear understanding of technology. As a result of his great passion for technology, he earned the reputation as a seasoned futurist. The vast knowledge he acquired is necessary for enabling him to make theoretical predictions concerning the direction and future of the technology.

According to Jason’s reflection on bringing ideas to life, he is quick to identify with keeping things simple as well as easy to understand. It is this strategy that he advises the budding entrepreneurs to use as it was applicable in many walks of life. Jason further discourages on jumping from one idea to another as it undoubtedly results in a terrible failure. Additionally, he often communicates with people surrounding him to receive instant feedback.

In his recommendations to those looking up for him, he advises them to always focus on any single task at any given time. Hope discourages those jumping from one idea to another as it is a recipe for failure which he says anyone with a sound mind should never think of following that path.

Hope philanthropic life has always been a success. His ability to contribute around $500,000 to SENS foundation in 2010 must have made him the center of discussion in his village. The organization has a mission that intends to promote as well as facilitate accessibility of rejuvenating ways of addressing diseases caused by aging. Some of the conditions include Alzheimer’s, diabetes as well as heart and lung disease.

The focused attention on the fight against aging causing illnesses by Jason Hope was unique as compared to the general medical community that focused on the treatment of the disease once the symptoms appeared. Jason’s Hopes strategy entailed conducting researches that were backed by various financiers. The SENs foundation role in the research programs was very successfully in the sense that it led to a clear understanding and prevention of the diseases that caused aging.

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Tony Petrello’s Kindness Culture Touches Many

Compassion is an element that is scarce in the world. Therefore, it’s a big deal when a community gets to experience one of its most significant companies contributing to a compassionate cause. Nabors Industries hugely donated to Hurricane Harvey relief. Anthony Petrello was delighted to lead the group into doing the right thing for all the citizens who had lost homes, possessions and their livelihood. Petrello wasn’t the only one excited to help the community. Many of the company’s 1,200 workers willingly went there and helped various citizens to achieve their goals.

The Many Ways That Nabors Industries Contributed

Nabors Industries helped in many ways. The employees went out into the neighborhood and conducted various recovery efforts on their own will and accord. Petrello rewarded them by giving them paid time off for the time that they spent aiding the community. Petrello also matched some contributions that the employees gave toward causes such as Harvey. The name of the fund that they put together is called the Nabors Disasters Relief Fund, and the amount that he contributed brought the total to more than $173,000.

The Heart of a Philanthropist

Petrello’s kindness did not start with the Hurricane Harvey relief nor is it going to end there. He gave to numerous causes such as the Texas Children’s Hospital’s research into neurological disorders. Petrello had a soft spot on that subject and contributed $7 million to it because of it. Additionally, Petrello showed his love for the educational field by contributing $150,000 to Yale University funds. He will continue to shine and show his kind heart to the world as the years pass. His employees will continue to inherit his kind heart and his willingness to go above and beyond for the people in the community.

About Tony Petrello

Anthony “Tony” Petrello has a reputation for being one of the highest paid CEOs in the entire nation. He has grossed as much as $15,000,00 during his career. Petrello grew up in New Jersey and went to both Yale and Harvard, which are two highly prominent universities for law degrees. Nabors Industries picked him up in 1991, and he worked his way to CEO by 2011. He exhibits the face of refined success and promotes a culture of compassion, empathy and neighborhood contributions. Any community where Petrello owns a business should be proud to have him there.


Dr. Mark McKenna: The “Of Me” Movement

Dr. Mark McKenna is more than a successful doctor, he is an amazing and insightful businessman. He has single-handedly helped create some of the most innovative healthcare aesthetics companies on the market, with his keen insight into what clients need. His very first business endeavor was with McKenna Venture Investments. This was a small real estate development firm with big dreams. He eventually went on to acquire two other businesses, Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. Dr. Mark McKenna was not stopping there however, he continued to grow the business and experienced a great amount of success while also practicing medicine.

After he lost his businesses to Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Mark McKenna knew that he needed to get a foothold in the medical aesthetics community next. While real estate had always been a passion for him, he knew that he could make real contributions to the medical community. He used his focus and ingenuity to launch his first company, dubbed ShapeMed. ShapeMed was Dr. McKenna’s first foray into medical aesthetics and he found that he had a unique knack for it. The practice grew exponentially and was eventually acquired by Life Time Fitness Inc. From there, Dr. Mark McKenna served as Life Time Fitness Inc’s National Medical Director.

In 2016, Dr. Mark McKenna decided to launch another medical aesthetics company, OVME. He had thought about his previous venture into the field of medical aesthetics and came up with an innovative notion, to make his company more consumer facing. OVME is pronounced “of me” and Dr. McKenna wanted his new business to symbolize his clients taking back their choices in the elective medical healthcare community. McKenna’s OVME movement give his client’s power. It signifies a more person-centered standard of care than what was previously used in situations such as these. Where many doctor’s offices are perceived to be cold and clinical, Dr. Mark McKenna has decided that a very homey approach would be more conducive to his client’s overall well-being. OVME is not just a medical aesthetics company, it is the beginning of a new way of life in the medical community.