Bruno Fagali: An Experienced Attorney In Brazil

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a practicing lawyer in Brazil. Bruno specializes in urban law, compliance law, and ethics, regulatory law, and Administrative law. Bruno Fagali is highly experienced in these categories of law. For that reason, he has gained prominence in the Brazilian legal circles. He attracts many clients to his firm due to his deep knowledge of the law. Since he started practicing law in Brazil, Bruno has represented very many clients in the court of law.

Bruno Fagali spent quite a number of years after graduating from the law school working for various law firms in Brazil. They gave him a platform to learn and practice law. Bruno also gained knowledge on how to run a private law firm. Bruno Fagali started his own law firm known as Fagali Advocacy in 2016. His offices are located in Sao Paulo.

A lawyer in Brazil is expected to have a strong educational background. According to regulations by the Brazilian Bar Association. For one to practice as a lawyer, he or she must undertake law studies for five years in a recognized university. After graduating, one is expected to join a law school where he must sit and pass the bar examination. Only after accomplishing all that is one registered as a practicing lawyer in Brazil. After law school, one can intern at any of the established law firms in Brazil.

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Bruno Fagali has been an exceptional lawyer in Brazil due to his mastery of the law. Many of his clients are endeared by the knowledge, integrity, and professionalism that Bruno displays when dealing with litigation matters affecting his clients.

Before he established his own law firm, Bruno Fagali worked for various prominent firms in Sao Paulo. He was able to share platforms with the experienced lawyers, from who he has learned a lot about running a law firm and how to win cases.

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