Canadian craft beer, the orthodox

The craft beer Industry in Canada continues to demonstrate exponential growth in the adult beverage arena. Populate cities like Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa provide fruitful nightlife (and sometimes daytime) breeding grounds for the alcohol beverage business and are a perfect platform for the diverse craft beer industry. As recent as 2015, craft beer accounted for nearly 10% of the Canadian beer market. The microbrew operations have grown almost 8-fold from 2006-2017.

Forgive the stereotype, but millennials like good, craft beer, plain and simple. Supply and demand is the name of the game for the modern day microbrewers as craft beer have migrated from the hipster, inconspicuous drink of choice to the orthodox. No one knows this better than Eli Gershkovitch, the CEO of Steamworks, who said: “you grow to meet demand, or demand will shrink to meet you”.

Eli Gershkovitch knows what innovation means to the multi-billion dollar adult beverage industry (TheNewsVersion). Adapt or die. He drives the strategies and leads the initiatives to deliver the three pillars of success for almost any industry; quality, price, and quantity. Easier said than done when you are expected to deliver a high-quality beer that leaves you with the feeling each hop was manufactured for that single bottle or draft. Perhaps that’s what drove the success of Steamworks in the 2017 U.S. Open Beer Championship. Talk about putting Canada on the map when it comes to craft brews! From Vancouver to the U.S., Gershkovitch knows what it takes to satisfy the thirsty beer drinkers of the international markets.

Eli Gershkovitch is not willing to sacrifice his vision for additional margins. It doesn’t happen all that often that an owner/CEO decides holding onto to all the company equity is more important than lining his/her pocket while diluting share. Simply put, high-quality beer is king and he knows it.

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