The Man With The Midas Touch-Tobias Jaeger

Ever since he was a student at the Maastricht University in 2007, Tobias Jaeger had an entrepreneurial eye. While at school, his zeal and passion for business led to the establishment of the Business Associates Europe. This turned out to be a major success as it would provide consulting services to organizations. Tobias is a prominent business mogul, popularly known across Berlin, for his engagement and association with the Axiom Venture Capital. This is a venture capital firm that invests in budding companies, especially in the media industry.


With the impetus and thirst to succeed in life, Tobias ventured into other businesses. One of the businesses in the electronic gaming industries lead to the StrategosPoker before he ventured into the media industry. This was made possible through a partnership with the best poker player in Europe. After the success of the Strategos Poker, Tobias applied his quality education in International Business, from Texas A&M University, to work at the Entrepreneur Academy. At this institution, he was the managing director. Under his able leadership, hundreds of budding entrepreneurs at the Entrepreneur Academy were offered with personality empowerment courses.


Tobias loves challenges. As a result, through hard work, and dedication, the self-driven Tobias, scaled the heights of success by working in various firms that equipped him with both knowledge and skills. Among the companies is the Swiss in 2012.In his line of duty, Tobias joined the Swiss Initiative –‘Thought for Food’ that has received worldwide recognition, due to its documentary and conference, on how the latest technology is reshaping the food industry.As a result, other investors are on the bandwagon of promoting the initiative.This platform also provides him with a chance to travel across the world, in over 40 countries.


Having traveled widely, and with an extensive work experience, Tobias was ready to venture into a different industry. This is the media and entertainment industry. Through his Midas touch, and past success, under his watch, he led to the launch of the AXIOM Pictures, under the Swiss company. This is Europe’s first entertainment equity fund that links up the media, finance and entertainment industries. As AXIOM’s managing partner, he has a lot on his plate, as he is in charge of the corporate finance, and the mergers and acquisition advisory arm of the company.


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