Securus Technologies Holds Impressive Background For Inmate Calling

Richard Smith, CEO, and president of Securus Technologies is committed to innovative features allowing their network to compete in an expensive, and complex inmate calling industry. They got their start as a popular regulating network provider; responsible for monitoring, and surveillance. For instance, a fourth quarter audit on Global Tel-Link showed very few inaccuracies. Securus ensures customers receive every minute allotted under their contract. They are there by government mandate to protect the safety of the general public. Securus Technologies is committed to solving crime beyond incarceration by eliminating money laundering, and other crimes. They have a superior customer service platform for feedback.


PRN Newswire has deemed them one of the largest growing inmate calling providers in the industry. Customers can now, save on products, and services $4 to $1, compared to other networks. You can enjoy packaging services features in the future with a merger with the Keefe Group. Get top brand personal hygiene products, clinically tested for safe use everyday. They will promote products complete list you hypoallergenic. Get amazing soap, shampoo, and lotion for all skin types including sensitive skin. Inmates can also get electronics, food products, and services. Securus has been in the industry for over 26+ years with an affiliation with the highly accredited American Correctional Association.


Securus Customer Features


Remote Visitation


Visit your love one housed in a correctional facility securely over the internet without ever leaving home. Enjoy high definition resolution, and sound with Securus Technologies remote access.


Online Inmate Photos


Inmates can get facility approved photos online with the new online video feature. Inmates can access their photos from their a facility tablet, or PC. Never miss another opportunity to let an inmate see the progress of the ones they love through a photo.


Join the superior Securus Technologies experts today by visiting their exclusive website.


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