Jos Auriemo Neto – Thriving as the Top Executives of JHSF

Many people are unaware that Brazilian is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Brazil has large trade and commerce industry waiting to be explored, but there are only a few companies that are strong enough to take such a risk. There are a few companies that are in a position to take some risk without any major problem. JHSF is Brazilian-based real estate Company with a market value of over $1.7 billion. The company along with its various subsidiaries is involved in the sale, purchase, and lease of residential and commercial properties. The company has been the reason behind the construction of huge shopping malls. The company has also been involved in the building of a five-star hotel that will be a great thing for the tourism industry of the country. He has also built a private airport and became the first company in Brazil to take such a decision. In the future, the top executives of JHSF do not want to hold back and benefit from many such opportunities that the Brazil market has to offer.

The most notable executive of JHSF is José Auriemo Neto, the current CEO of the company. Even before he took the position, he has been involved with the company in making major decisions. He was the one who invested in the parking facility in Brazil that became a huge hit. He is not the person to not think it through but also ensures that the risks are low. Using his skills and knowledge that he has gained over the past decades, he aims to make JHSF one of the top real estate companies not just in Brazil but in the international market too.

José Auriemo Neto learned his skills while working alongside his father and uncle. But, he read books and overlooked projects that his father had little idea about. But, they trusted him and provided him the freedom to take decisions for the benefit of the company. José Auriemo Neto has not let them down so far and wants to make sure that the company becomes one of the top real estate company in the world.

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