Todd Lubar: Finance and Real Estate Genius

Todd Lubar is a name synonymous with real estate. Since 1995, Lubar has been working to build an empire. He may have gotten his start in finance and real estate, but since then, he’s branched out into several other industries. He has achieved success in a way that no one else can.

Mr. Lubar’s career began as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. His time spent at Crestar Mortgage was an invaluable experience. He learned so much in the four years he worked with the company. He even learned about the industry’s model of conservative mortgage banking.

In 1999, Todd Lubar took another step toward his dream. He advanced his career even more by taking a job with Legacy Financial Group. From his new equity position, he could expand his lending capabilities. Now, he could broker loans with outside investors, and he operated as a direct mortgage bank. Check out Ideamensch for more info.

The final step in his long line of advancements was founded Legendary Properties, LLC. Up until that point, Lubar worked for other people, following their rules. Now leading his own company, Todd Lubar could take the industry by storm. In a matter of months, Legendary Properties had facilitated more than 200 transactions. All of those transactions involved a wide range of property types.

They were able to complete all these properties so quickly thanks to Todd’s referral business. For nearly a decade, Lubar has been building an incredible source of referral business. His relationships with countless real estate agents, CPAs, financial planners, and insurance agents allowed him to progress through real estate easily.

Because of his many successes, Todd Lubar also established multiple relationships with major banking institutions. Many of those institutions gave Legendary Properties multi-million lines of credit as high as $20 million.

After establishing a name for himself in other industries, Todd Lubar focused on helping other achieve their homeownership dreams. He found the best way to help them was to remove any obstacle that may prevent them from getting loans. That’s why he created the RELIEF program. Visit Todd’s page to learn more.

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