Karl Heideck – One Of The Most Experienced And Resourceful Attorneys In Philadelphia

For many lawyers, finding success in the competitive field of law is not an easy task. The clients have many choices available these days, and thus, being the best legal practitioner is essential.

Karl Heideck, one of the most successful attorneys in the Greater Philadelphia region, is of the same belief as mentioned above. Not only has Karl Heideck established himself as a successful lawyer, but he is also well-known in the country for his authority on corporate litigations of all types. Over the years, Karl Heideck has fought many complicated cases for his clients successfully, and many of his cases are considered a benchmark in the industry.

Karl Heideck regularly writes blogs on the topic of law and shares his views on various law related issues. On one of his recent blogs, he mentioned few tips for the law students on how to become a successful attorney. Karl Heideck said that the first and the foremost thing that any law student must focus on is to ensure that they get good grades as it is the good grades that would help them get a job as an associate at a reputed law firm or under an established lawyer. Starting off your career in the field of law under a well-known lawyer or a law firm can make a positive impact on the career, and give it just the direction you always wanted as a law student.

Karl Heideck also emphasized the importance of making connections in the legal fraternity. He added that the law students should focus on building good relationships in the legal industry from the time they are students as it is the batch mates that would go on to become a part of the legal industry as well. Karl Heideck said that having good connections in the field of law would help in ways more than one to get established as an efficient and resourceful lawyer.

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Adam Milstein: An Israeli American Exemplar

Adam Milstein knows the ins and outs of getting a return. As a top level real estate agent he has made a fortune making smart decisions. Today he is partnered with Hager Pacific Properties as a top level manager.


If all Adam Milstein did was hoard money there wouldn’t be much point writing about him. He shares his success all around the United States by promoting love of one’s Israeli heritage through supporting numerous Israeli support organizations.


His experience in helping his people have not gone unnoticed. Adam Milstein sits on the board of numerous Jewish philanthropist groups including StandWithUs, Israel on Campus Coalition and Hasbara Fellowships, as well as the Jewish Funders Network, Birthright Israel, Stand By Me and the AIPAC National Council.


Always willing to give advice, Adam Milstein has these tips to share to young and budding people that want to get involved in philanthropy work.


1.Love What you are doing


“If you do what you love and love what you do, you’ll get satisfaction out of your charitable endeavors and feel motivated to do even more.”


2.Focus Your Energy


No one alive has unlimited time or energy. Focus on a few causes that you re passionate about.


“Instead of dedicating partial attention to many different causes, it’s important to identify the issues that you feel most passionate about and focus your attention there.”


3.Don’t be Afraid to Get Your Hands Dirty


Money is not the only thing a philanthropist can contribute. If you have the skills to help your cause do so.


“The best philanthropists do more than write a check and move on. They roll up their sleeves and contribute their time, talent, connections, and expertise to actively advance the non-profit’s mission.

Boots on America’s Campuses



Rocklage Rocks!

Scott Rocklage of 5AM Ventures has just shared his thoughts on what motivates and intellectually stimulates him. Listen to him. This bright leader’s thoughts are summarized below:

Many people seem to think that reading is passive because sometimes requires taking a quiet place to read and listening: Actually, when you read, you are trying to connect with the ideas of authors and not just with their words, so you have to use your critical skills many times; it doesn’t depend on speed but on receiving and giving at the same time.

In Scott’s experiences while reading, he can visualize places, alert all senses, figure the colors of flowers – or even the smells of flowers – and more. Then he is completely immersed and interacting with both the article and author. Learn more about Scott Rocklage:  http://www.rennovia.com/team/scott-m-rocklage/

Writing definitely involves more physical action, sometimes, but it also integrates quiet moments; both of these activities complement one another in many ways.

While reading, he loves using highlighters: He can’t read without having a highlighter next to him, or several; it helps me to define passages according to the meaning.

It is a very useful tool. It is also his understanding that strong readers like to use those tools to define sections and make their reading time more productive. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg and Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

His definition of a good reader is that one that seeks to expand knowledge, prioritize on building an extensive vocabulary, spend more time reading to exercise the learning process, analyze, look for comprehension and connect on what he’s reading. It’s also one who uses dictionaries, pays attention to organized details, evaluates what he learned and draws his own conclusions. Read more: Scott Rocklage | LinkedIn

In Scott’s opinion, the writer makes a good balance of evidences and opinions, combining different points of view to confirm – at the same time – the testimonies from the hoarders themselves. He uses different articles posted by different analysts to prove crucial some points, such as the “emotional point”.

A good article deals with emotions. Some link to genetic issues, and the author combines the disorders to greer all the factors to makes sense. Scott, rock on.

Aloha Construction Is Expanding And Providing The Midwest Even Greater Coverage

Many individuals living in Illinois are already familiar with Aloha Construction. The company has already helped numerous homeowners through damages caused by storms, high winds and hail. Their exceptional service and attention to detail has caused the company to continue to grow. A new website is available to help homeowners get the help they require simply and easily and help launch their new interior restoration services.


David Farbaky is the CEO and President of Aloha Construction. He has spoken of the excitement everyone in the company felt in 2013 when they had completed 7000 projects in Illinois. They have already broken their own record with the completion of 20,000 jobs. They have opened a new office in Bloomington and this office now handles almost as many jobs as their Lake Zurich location.


According to David Farbaky Aloha Construction centers on giving people security in their homes. They are focusing on interior restorations, remodeling basements, bathrooms and kitchens, water extractions, basements and providing aid in natural disasters. Aloha Construction opened in 2008 and has completed hundreds of bathroom and kitchen remodels. They have a team with experience and expertise in their profession.


Aloha Construction is a family owned business. They are general contractors who are insured and bonded and operate throughout Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. They work with individuals in McHenry, Lake, DuPage and Cook counties though their Lake Zurich office. Their office in Bloomington assists homeowners in McClean, Washington, Peoria, Champaign and Tazewell.


Aloha Construction has currently finished 18,000 projects in Gurnee, Round Lake, Grayslake, Lake Villa, Lake Zurich, Mundelein, Round Lake Beach, Libertyville, Vernon Hills, Lindenhurst, Libertyville, Wauconda, Palatine, Bloomington, Hoffman Estates, Peoria, Normal, Pekin, Washington, Mahomet and Morton. Aloha Construction has the Midwest covered. They offer free roof inspections, are fully licensed and insured and their craftsmanship warranty covers a ten year period.



Todd Lubar: Finance and Real Estate Genius

Todd Lubar is a name synonymous with real estate. Since 1995, Lubar has been working to build an empire. He may have gotten his start in finance and real estate, but since then, he’s branched out into several other industries. He has achieved success in a way that no one else can.

Mr. Lubar’s career began as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. His time spent at Crestar Mortgage was an invaluable experience. He learned so much in the four years he worked with the company. He even learned about the industry’s model of conservative mortgage banking.

In 1999, Todd Lubar took another step toward his dream. He advanced his career even more by taking a job with Legacy Financial Group. From his new equity position, he could expand his lending capabilities. Now, he could broker loans with outside investors, and he operated as a direct mortgage bank. Check out Ideamensch for more info.

The final step in his long line of advancements was founded Legendary Properties, LLC. Up until that point, Lubar worked for other people, following their rules. Now leading his own company, Todd Lubar could take the industry by storm. In a matter of months, Legendary Properties had facilitated more than 200 transactions. All of those transactions involved a wide range of property types.

They were able to complete all these properties so quickly thanks to Todd’s referral business. For nearly a decade, Lubar has been building an incredible source of referral business. His relationships with countless real estate agents, CPAs, financial planners, and insurance agents allowed him to progress through real estate easily.

Because of his many successes, Todd Lubar also established multiple relationships with major banking institutions. Many of those institutions gave Legendary Properties multi-million lines of credit as high as $20 million.

After establishing a name for himself in other industries, Todd Lubar focused on helping other achieve their homeownership dreams. He found the best way to help them was to remove any obstacle that may prevent them from getting loans. That’s why he created the RELIEF program. Visit Todd’s about.me page to learn more.

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