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The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is a research institute located at Ashurst Lodge in the New Forest National Park in South England. It is established in 1986 by Professor Carlos Brebbia after taking over the Computational Mechanics Institute which was formed in 1981.

The Wessex Institute is divided into three areas of Research, Conferences, and Publishing. They exchange information among academics and professionals within their industries. It is supported and funded by many different organisations. They hold about 25 conferences each year in different places. WIT is a unique scientific institute that continues to serve the international community in a positive way.

Eco-Safe Travel For The Environmentally Conscious

Today’s world is incredibly eco-conscious, and it’s affecting every aspect of our decision making, from where we shop locally, to where we travel for our vacations. It’s so hard to determine where we can responsibly travel, even if we take into account that most long-distance travel options aren’t exactly eco-friendly. But sometimes those considerations can be compensated by the greater good, and we’re going to help you look into a few locations that will definitely help you plan the perfect vacation with a clean conscience.


Samoa – Support Human Rights and Environmental Justice

Samoa isn’t just a verdant tropical paradise, it’s also a hotbed of environmental justice and growing human rights movements. The UN recognised this country for the work it’s done and gave $1 million in support for a project focused on sustainability and biodiversity goals. Climate change and desertification were problems faced by this region, and the only way to avert it is to focus on disaster resilience. Definitely, a place you can travel with a clean conscience.


Vanuatu – A Developing Vacation Spot Making Strides

Vanuatu is on its way to becoming the new Hawaii, and those strides are happening fast. We have to show them some respect for being aware of the threats this places not just on their local biodiversity, but on the native tribes that still inhabit many of the outer islands. An interesting blend of modern culture and ancient tradition, they’ve begun taking strides to farm Tilapia and restore its coral reefs through coral farming.


Palau – A Mecca For Renewable Energy

Palau is taking quick strides to maintain the quality of its country, starting by subsidising citizens to incorporate features in their homes that are energy-efficient. No wonder this destination is referred to as an “Environmental Star”!


Sometimes these locations get outside help as well from organisations like Wildark. Wildark works every year to help maintain biodiversity and help to maintain the world’s wild spaces. This group was formed by a collection of conservationists who were passionate about preserving the world for future generations, and are always looking for new ways they can create effective change in the world.


Copa Star, THE Five Star Hospital in Rio de Janeiro

On October 2016, in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro’s most spirited district, a state-of-the-art health facility opened its doors: Copa Star Hospital.

Equipped with the latest technology such as robotic medicine, smart operating rooms, hybrid rooms (just to name a few), highly qualified professionals, innovative techniques, luxurious atmosphere and services like mattresses that adapt to the body, patient controlled environment for lighting, curtains, and air flow, and splendid menus, makes it the perfect Medical Institution for those who want the best services, and where patients and professionals can feel at ease.

The distinctive sterile hospital atmosphere, where harsh fluorescent lights and ether smell dominate our senses, is replaced by natural light coming through the glass ceiling and woody and citrus aromas that spread throughout the surrounding areas, transforming it into a calming, less stressful ambiance. Read more at scoopnest.com about Copa Star.

With a 10,000 m² construction footprint on seven floors, and an investment of R$400 million, Copa Star Hospital, one of Brazil’s most modern medical facilities, is served by around 500 professionals of which 113 are doctors. It also features an elegant infrastructure with 155 patient suites, 59 Intensive Care Units (ICU) rooms and 9 operating rooms.

The premium medical facility offers concierge service, tastefully decorated areas featuring large, comfortable sofas, works of fine art throughout the main lobby and a grand piano on display. A gourmet restaurant with a menu designed by a world renowned chef, screens transmitting live footage of the nearby streets and the Copacabana beach. A provided iPad makes interaction with the medical staff possible, through an app specifically developed for the hospital, which permits video conferencing with the doctors, the ability to receive test results or call the nurse when needed.

But alongside the luxurious, environment, experienced qualified professionals will provide patients with the highest level of personalized care.

The five-star-hospital has a website and social media presence with accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as great online reviews written by satisfied patients.

Rodrigo Gavina, executive director of the facility own by D’Or Networks, expressed that they currently have plans of expanding Copa Star and opening new branches in other Brazilian cities, such as Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

Learn more: https://www.lovemondays.com.br/trabalhar-na-copa-star/salarios

The Best DeVos Leadership in Education

Betsy DeVos has have managed to navigate in the business and political world. She has worn a lot of hats over the years.

Devos has become one of the most interesting players in the exciting the presidential line up people that are part of his cabinet. She has managed to gain her power by presenting plans for a new education system that can benefit boys and girls across the board. She has given back to education down through the years, and she has become the current Secretary of Education.

Betsy has done a considerable amount of work with her charity with her husband where she gives back to education, and this has always been her passion. Long before she became the Secretary of Education she was fighting for education reform. I think this may be one of the most interesting things about her transition to power as a secretary of education. She has already proven herself as someone that had passion about this area, and I think that has made it much easier for her to make the transition. I also believe that this is the reason that Trump picked her to occupy this role for the next four years.

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One thing about Betsy DeVos that people notice is that she is a very dedicated person. She has been in politics for a long time, and she has also made a name for herself in the business world. I think that these are things that are relevant to where she stands now in terms of her leadership. DeVos is an advocate of charter schools, and I believe that she will get a lot done in her role as a Secretary of Education.

There are tons of people that have proven down through the years that the education system need reform. Many politicians have voiced this, but Betsy DeVos may be the only one that was actively working towards improving the American education system before she stepped into the role of Secretary of Education. This is why I believe that she will be an important piece in rebuilding the education system in America. She has met with different organizations, and she also worked as a chairman of an alliance School organization at one time. I believe that she knows more about education reform than most politicians in the past because she has dedicated herself to improving this prior to her nomination.

She has become a person that the world is seeing in a new light. Many people knew of Betsy DeVos the business woman, but many were not aware of how much she had already given to education. These are the things that are making people optimistic about this new position. Read more news on Cleveland.com.

The Success of Rick Shinto in Innovacare Health Service

Innovacare service is one of the excellent health service providers in Northern America with quality services. The company ensures that they get qualified professionals to so that the health service can grow and remain stable. According to the current president and the CEO of the firm Rick Shinto, teamwork, good communications, clear visions and good work relations should always be encouraged so that the company can continue experiencing success. He also says that transparency is vital in ensuring good leadership.

Rick Shinto has shown both technical and excellent leadership skills from his long years in the operational and clinical healthcare. Shinto received his medical degree from the University of New York. Rick has shown a vast improvement and secured a top position in all the firms he has worked since joining the career. He received an award for excellence and commitment from Ernst& Young Entrepreneurs while operating in Aveta Inc. He worked in several clinics including his internship in South California, being a chief medical officer in Orange Country’s Cal Optima Health Plan and Medical Pathways Management Company acting as the chief medical and operating officer. All these health clinics have equipped him with experience and confidence in his leadership.

Rick is also a writer writing many clinical medicine and health care service articles. The Innovacare enjoys the success of his good leadership, wise use of technology and customer satisfaction. The clinic has also increased the number of their clients from the quality and affordable services with the residents preferring their services due to their good relations. Read more about Rick at Intelius

The Innovacare has also shown a lot of success in their two affiliate programs, the PMC Medicare Choice Inc. And MMM Healthcare promoting the physical and emotional wellbeing of their customers. The firm has been able to provide ninety percent customer satisfaction at a consistent rate showing the success of the enterprise in the service. The two affiliate programs received an NCOA accreditation which is only given to a company that has been able to meet their expectations or has gone beyond the quality assurance. Rick Shinto is with no doubt an individual who has positively impacted the healthcare industry.

Know more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/rick-shinto#/entity

Lifeline Screening Is The Prerequisite For Good Health

Lifeline Screening is a proprietary process given to individuals to help find out if there are any medical concerns or information that should be relayed to the individual’s personal physician. These screenings are usually not available in a local doctor’s office as they are more often found in hospitals or testing centers.

There are three kinds of primary screenings, the ultrasound screening, the finger-stick blood test, and the limited electrocardiograph. All of these screenings provide detailed information in different and related areas of a person’s health which is easily shared with the individual’s appropriate medical advisors.

The ultrasound is similar to the screening done for a pregnant mother when the doctor is looking into the mother’s womb. Sound waves are sent out to reveal the organs inside of the human body. It is possible to see the flow of the blood, for example where possible obstructions may be impeding the blood flow. This can be important for carotid and aortic screening. It is also possible to learn from a bone scan if there is a possibility of a patient having osteoporosis.

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The blood test only requires a few drops of blood from a slight prick in a finger. This yields an entire lipid panel which measures the cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The measure of HDL and LDL levels of cholesterol is critical for a person’s doctor to know. The glucose levels or blood sugar is another critical test for a person’s doctor to have because it is an indicator of possible diabetes. The panel includes the levels of liver enzymes which can indicate liver disease.

The limited electrocardiograph shows if an individual has atrial fibrillation, also known as A-Fib, or an irregular heartbeat. This happens when the upper ventricle beats with a different rhythm than the lower, which will then have a tendency to throw off blood clots. These clots can move and cause a stroke.

The Lifeline Screening provide much-needed information that people need to stay healthy, but in many cases have no symptoms. Once in their physician’s hands, appropriate steps can be taken for better health and well-being.

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