Great Mortgage Solutions From Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is an astute businessman with interest in real estate. He has a rich history in real estate with 20 years’ worth of experience in that industry. His experience and passion in getting it right have enabled him to rise above his peers to become one of the most influential mortgage providers in the US, more details can be found on his crunchbase page.

Armed with a Bachelor of Art in speech communication from Syracuse University, Todd Lubar got his first job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he worked until the year 1999. He moved to Legacy Financial Group up to the year 2002 when he decided to focus on the mortgage industry. He created Legendary Properties, LLC. A residential development firm.

Working on his relationships with his clients, Todd Lubar was able to facilitate purchase and refurbishment of various properties ranging from single family properties to larger properties. These efforts enabled him to establish relationships with banks that could offer him access to capital.

Todd Lubar is currently at the helm of TDL Global Ventures, LLC as its President. He also serves as the Sr. VP of Legendary Services, a commercial lending source that helps individuals and corporate get access to a mortgage.

When Todd Lubar formed TDL Global Ventures, he wanted to help others achieve their dreams. The company came up with loan products and programs that provided relief to individual and corporate clients. While leveraging technology, TDL Global Ventures was able to come up with innovative home products for its customers.

With an ever-changing mortgage industry, Todd Lubar has diversified his business portfolio with interest in the entertainment, real estate development, and environmental conservation sectors. Todd Lubar is not only keen on expanding his business empire but also helping others succeed in their ventures.

According to yelp, he has fostered a culture of trust and effective communication between the clients and him; this has enabled him to listen to the customer’s need and coming up with an innovative product that meets the customer’s need.

Todd Lubar is not only a successful businessman but also a loving father to her two girls. He loves creating time to travel and be with them. He is also committed to being a better person from whom other people can draw inspiration.

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