Fabletics The Active Wear Brand to Watch Out For

Fabletics has gained a lot of popularity for being the very first sports apparel company to try and beat Amazon at their game. This is because of their great marketing strategies, quality and the personalized services. Being on the same level with Amazon means that they are now competing with giant brands such as Nike and Lululemon. They are tapping the stylish sports enthusiasts from some of the major active wear brands in the industry. Some of the reasons behind their competency.



Fabletics has gained a lot of popularity within a very short time because it invests heavily in advertisement. You will see their ads pop up every now and then. This has gone a long way in improving their brand awareness.


Selling Strategy

Selling of some items, such as clothes, online, is never easy. It requires that a company conducts extra research and have a way of convincing their customers to buy. As for Fabletics, they use a loyalty program to get their customers hooked. If one becomes a VIP member at Fabletics, they get to purchase attires at discounted prices. They also get to choose from a variety of active wear that has been recommended by Kate Hudson personally. Other than that members of the VIP program get loyalty points for every time they shop. The loyalty points can be redeemed for free items and everyone just loves free goods.



There are several great active wear brands. But most of them are defined by their costs. They charge very high prices for their products. Fabletics realized this early and identified that they had an opportunity to provide the same great quality and value but at a cheaper price. You will get items at unimaginable prices there. Right now they are selling two leggings at $24, leggings that would otherwise go for over a hundred bucks. And it doesn’t end there. If you are shopping for two, three or more piece sports attire, you can get them affordably, ranging from just $45 to nearly $100.



Fabletics is great on value. First, they deliver products free of charge. And when you purchase their active wear, you can say goodbye to faded clothes. Their attires are made with quality material such that they can handle any amount of sweating. They do not get stretchy with time and they help keep fit in a stylish manner.

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