The Best Straight Razors are from Donald Scott NYC

Donald Scott NYC is the founder and chief hair artist of Donald Scott. He was born and raised in a family of barbers and hairdressers. Donald Scott NYC worked with Paul Mitchell who trained him and made his career come true; Paul Mitchell is a core mentor of Donald Scott NYC.
Scott NYC is a company that is dedicated to professionally train artists how to work and uses of their style, straight razor artistry. Donald Scott NYC invented a tool by the name craving tool; it is used to make over seventy variety hair styles. Donald Scott NYC missionary supports and inspires the hair artists in using the Donald Scott NYCs tools to make their passion come true.
Donald Scott NYC has earned his popularity for the invention of carving tools and modern techniques for all artists, and the foundation of DSNYC Barber Edition which has a range of new blades and razors tools for every barber satisfaction.

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  1. I think he has paid his dues through his commitment in training and now that he is out he is sure going to take the world by storm. He has found his path to reviews success and the results are coming in. It is all about creating value for yourself and I think that Donald Scott is a pure example of a character that is committed to succeed where others failed.

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