Malini Saba’s Amazing World Changes

Malini Saba has made a name for herself by unselfishly helping as many women and children who are at risk as she possibly can. She began this endeavor when she realized how many women there were all across the world that were underserved. She works incredibly hard to make a difference for these women and children. She provides them with proper care for their health, the chance to get a good education and somewhere to live where they can feel safe. She wants to give them a chance for a good future.


Saba has stated that to her success means the ability to pursue what she loves to do. This accomplishment makes her smile and keeps her happy. She says this happiness is the truest form of success there is, and it came to her simply by following her heart and being able to make a difference.


Saba loves having her daughter with her. She says that she is her greatest success of all. It was due to her daughter she managed to go full circle.


Saba’s philosophy is you cannot change anything that has happened in the past. What you must do is learn everything you can from what has happened in both your personal and business lives. She feels at least some people have realized that money or fame do not mean happiness.


Saba thinks challenges need to be met or we cannot achieve the changes we are looking for. We must deal with the challenges presented by governments and countries who are still in the developmental stages in order to achieve these changes. Saba says we must never forget the importance of giving women and children in need better quality water, homes that are actually secure and laws that have the ability to properly protect them.


Saba keeps her private life separated from her business life. She refuses to define who she is by her work. Difficulties in her private life are based on a learning curve and business is defined by the bottom line. With her experience and clear perceptions in life, this amazing woman is making changes that will make a difference in this world.

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