John Goullet and Diversant, LLC Have taken the IT Staffing Industry by Storm

John Goullet is an entrepreneur and he has been involved in the development of several successful business ventures in the area of IT. He began his career as an IT consultant as he developed solutions for several companies. He gathered his IT expertise, as well as his tremendous understanding of IT market trends and set a course into the IT staffing industry.

John Goullet identified the IT industry as very valuable to the operation of a company. He determined IT staffing would be a necessary and vital aspect of a company’s business plan. The IT injury is an always changing industry as demands change and staffing needs will always evolve to meet those demands and keep pace with the changes. Goullet worked on a platform to provide staffing solutions in the IT industry and founded an IT staffing company called Info Technologies.

In 2010, Info Technologies merged with Diversant, Inc., to become Diversant, LLC. The merger brought greater capabilities to the IT industry. Mr. Goullet continued to manage the company with the same exuberance and passion he had when he was the leader of Info Technologies.

Due to his experience and understanding of the IT industry, Mr. Goullet became the driving force behind the IT staffing industry as he developed solutions for clients. Diversant, LLC assists clients in retail, government, banking and insurance, financial services and the energy industries.

Under Goullet’s leadership there is a culture that not only inspires, but encourages creative and innovative thinking and solution development that is unique, but efficient and effective. Diversant, LLC is also on the forefront of diversity. This approach helps to strengthen the work environment and in turn the business community. The company offers programs for their in house staff that promotes diversity and that is a great assist when it comes to talent acquisition.

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