Helane Morrison And Her Assertiveness In Improving Business Ethics

If there is one thing that I think is lacking in business, it is ethics. A lot of businesses have been involved in unethical handling of transactions from what I have seen. The customers have been the victims of such actions. A lot of underhanded crookedness has been revealed during the 2008 economic crisis which has resulted in people like me losing trust in financial institutions among other institutions. Compliance officers like Helane Morrison were one of those that have fought really hard to get the businesses to comply to better standards of ethics so that customers will be better served. Helane Morrison was someone that was really confident in pushing forward when it comes to tackling this issue when others were unsure about how to move forward. I personally admire her confidence.

One thing that Morrison has used as her philosophy is that business make sure that they make all of their transactions for their customers from an ethical and fair method. If businesses are caught handling their affairs in an unethical manner, then Morrison and her staff of enforcers are going to deal with them in an appropriate manner. The forms of action that are taken against the company may include different forms of correction which include criminal charges.

Morrison has worked at plenty of different law firms which included SEC. She has also learned from a few mentors that helped shaped her as the formidable force that she is in this day and age. Among the people she has learned from is Harry A. Blackmun. He has fought for social issues as well. Among the issues he has fought for were the rights of women. He has received a lot of threats during his career as well. Seeing all that Harry Blackmun has gone throughout his career has helped her prepare for what she might have to face when standing up for people that are at a disadvantage.

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